Catering to women and men of all skin tones and body types, using all organic and non toxic solutions, Alexandra provides services for tanning and contouring. Alexandra will do a full consultation prior to the tan to customize the color for each client. Whether you’re going for an effortless, healthy hue during the cooler months or a radiant bronze throughout the summer, Alexandra can help you achieve your perfect glow. 


The goal is for an airbrush tan to look as natural as possible.  Someone's skin tone, however, will determine how much DHA he or she's body can handle and whether they naturally tan or burn easily will determine how darkened their tan can be without looking unnatural. Another contributing factor to the color is the occasion.  A bride would be recommended to go with a lighter tan for her wedding. However, someone going on a beach vacation could opt for a darker tan. 


These methods provide a great way to help with the correction of pigment imbalance, disguise scarring and hiding of stretch marks. The most important aspect of your experience is that you feel comfortable during your tanning sessions and that you leave feeling confident in your new look.



Photographer: David Sims